Azure Security Policy

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Hi Can anyone help me where I can find Azure MDM policy that we can implement on Azure. May be  a sample copy 

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Could you explain your question maybe a little bit better?
Actually I have configured MDM in Azure. Now, I have been asked to prepare a mdm policy so that I can provide those documentation to my clients to choose the options

Mdm like intune? What kind of mdm policy? And what do you mean with “those documentation” and options
Like what kind of Security Options for their Mobile device we can provide to our clients so that they can select the options and we can configure those options in the Azure
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I guess, hope you are referring to app protection policies to deploy app protection to apps on byod devices or even managed devices with enrollment.
Andyou can configure it in maybe the answer should be --> start looking into Intune MDM (mobile device management)


Do you have any policy documentation which can help me ?
I will check. Thanks for your help and support