Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows 365
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With the September 2023 Intune service release, we're excited to announce that Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) now supports Windows 365. Part of the Microsoft Intune Suite, EPM allows IT and SecOps to run everyone as a standard user while elevating privileges only when needed.

IT admins traditionally struggle with the binary choice of running employees as standard users or local admins. EPM offers a more sophisticated solution, balancing security and productivity.

Approved elevations are designed by rules and parameters set by each organization. This supports the enforcement of least privilege access, a core tenant of a Zero Trust security architecture.

Elevated privileges are offered for a discrete task, allowing employees to run as administrator for specific, authorized applications and keeping the scope and time limited. This allows enterprises to run standard users more efficiently and stay secure. It limits the organization's attack surface while improving efficiency for IT teams and removing friction to accomplish work and achieve business goals.

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For customers that already subscribe to the Intune Suite or have licenses for EPM, you can apply EPM policies to Cloud PCs by simply including the devices in your EPM policy assignments.

Global and billing administrators can start an EPM trial today or purchase licenses for EPM as either a standalone solution or part of the Intune Suite from the Intune admin center, the Microsoft admin center, or by contacting your Microsoft account team.

Learn more about creating elevation settings policies, deploying rules, and completing the elevation process on your Windows clients using Intune technical documentation.

In addition to supporting Windows 365, Endpoint Privilege Management will soon support Azure Virtual Desktop single-session VMs.

We'll continue to add value to the solution. We're thrilled to empower customers to improve their security posture, drive efficiency for IT teams, and boost productivity with Endpoint Privilege Management.


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