What’s new in Microsoft Intune (2309) September edition
Published Sep 22 2023 09:00 AM 18.6K Views

We’ve got several new capabilities to announce with our September service release (2309), including Microsoft Intune Suite Remote Help expanding to macOS and enhancements to Remote Help for Windows. We’re releasing the Zebra Lifeguard Over-the-Air integration with Intune, which we offered for public preview in May, and we’ve added more than 30 settings for Apple devices, part of our ongoing effort to ensure Intune has Day zero support for the latest Apple releases. Finally, we’ve released Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management for Windows 365 devices so customers can facilitate elevations for users on Cloud PC devices.

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Advancing Remote Help

This month, we’re expanding the capabilities of Remote Help to make it easier for helpdesk agents to assist users and solve issues remotely.

Firstly, Remote Help is now available on macOS! We’ve heard from customers that this is an essential feature of the Microsoft Intune Suite, and we’re excited to expand this capability to macOS. Helpdesk staff on macOS can now connect in view-only sessions to assist macOS users remotely.

Additionally, we’re now offering the ability to launch Remote Help for Windows from the Intune admin center. With this capability, helpdesk agents can seamlessly launch Remote Help on both their device and the user’s. Previously, both the helpdesk and the user had to launch Remote Help on their devices manually. With the new capability, the user receives a notification on their device that the helpdesk agent wants to begin a Remote Help session making it a more streamlined experience.

Intune integration with Zebra LifeGuard OTA

This month, as part of our efforts to improve the experience for frontline workers, the Zebra LifeGuard Over-the-Air (LG OTA) integration with Intune moves from public preview to generally available. With this firmware over-the-air (FOTA) solution, IT admins can update ruggedized Zebra Android devices securely and efficiently without physical access to the devices.

Zebra device updates are managed from the Intune admin center and distributed wirelessly. This makes it easier to keep devices up to date, prevents compatibility issues for users, and reduces security risks. Customers have been asking for the ability to use Intune to manage Zebra devices, and we’re happy to deliver!

New Apple features and iOS/iPadOS 17 and macOS 14 release

We’re always working to improve the Intune experience for Apple users—including for the latest operating systems. With the Apple release of iOS 17.0 and macOS 14.0, our goal is to ensure that Microsoft Intune can provide Day zero support so that features work seamlessly. As part of this effort, we’ve improved the settings catalog and simplified and expedited settings updates for IT admins and users.

To prepare for the releases, we’ve provided many additional settings for Apple devices. We’re aiming to speed up response time and bring these settings in as quickly as possible. Now, we can provide them in a matter of hours instead of months, which is critical as features and capabilities are added to address new Apple releases. The latest batch includes more than 30 additional settings. The settings catalog for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS lists all the settings admins can configure in a device policy.

EPM for Windows 365 devices

Microsoft Intune Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM), part of the Microsoft Intune Suite, enables IT admins to selectively allow applications to run with administrative privileges. Organizations can now facilitate elevations for users on Cloud PC devices via EPM enabling users to easily elevate approved applications without the need for full administrative rights on their Windows device. This means greater efficiency and security for your organization.

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