Unable to get SSPR reports- Office 3565

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I used to download usercredentialusagedetails through PS and it used to work fine until few weeks ago and now it fails.


GET https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/reports/userCredentialUsageDetails




Error :

Invoke-RestMethod : {"@odata.context":"https://graph.microsoft.com/beta/$metadata#reports/userCredentialUsageDetails","v alue":[{"id":"79876725968494393786570221953037561096003605792378637660218099476724503735617","feature":"registration"{ "error": { "code": "InternalServerError", "message": "The property 'userPrincipalName[Nullable=False]' of type 'Edm.String' has a null value, which is not allowed.", "innerError": { "date": "2020-09-30T11:58:11", "request-id": "60bdc1d7-054f-402b-8054-e0c8db709e43", "client-request-id": "60bdc1d7-054f-402b-8054-e0c8db709e43" } } }


Has anyone faced this issue? i  have number of other queries/requests in same script and they all work fine.


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Seems to work fine here, might have been a temp issue. If you are still running into it, best open a support case.

@Vasil Michev  Thanks for testing this out for me !! appreciated.


I tried this against 5 different tenancies and i am able to recreate this in all. Interesting !