search bar missing in online Forms


Is there any news as to why and many other tenants this search bar is missing?  see snapshots

I specifically am trying to search all the Forms titles and contents in Forms that I have.

And the search bar on top does not pick up any results


There used to be a search bar where my pointer is pointing at, and now it is gone


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@Fixxser2   I am missing this search bar as well!

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@Fixxser2 Thanks for the feedback.  This is a known issue and we are exploring ways to bring back Search functionality now.  On the "All my Forms" page, you can click show more until all of your forms are shown, then use the browser search (Ctrl+f) to search a bit.  We are also fixing the expansion logic so it can show all forms in a single click. 

This is the worst time for schools, we have taken on Teams and using Forms extensively to quiz students. In one day the search bar has gone missing and we find out that there is a 200 forms limit. Teachers using this will easily surpass this number with a group of students over the course of the year. I know I can make forms in each team and extend the limit that way, but I dont want to be messing around having to duplicate resources all the time. And with this method, the Forms do not show up in the "add quiz" option of educational teams assignments. No one would ever suggest you can only have 200 word files...! @Jon_Kay 

Hi everyone


The search filter bar is now back.  Find it in the top right.  Thanks for the feedback


We'll continue to work towards integration with the top search bar longer term.