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Hi there, silly question here.

I need a public form because I need to have external people such a contractors customers etc that can enter some information, i.e. visitor log. but I need that the person who has to be contacted inside the company must be informed. So something like an email notification. How can I achieve this with a public form? 


Thanks in advance

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@sajarac you would need a flow in Power Automate that would save the information to a SharePoint list (we always do this for audit purposes), then route the information to the relevant person depending on the department chosen by the contractor or some other parameter. In Power Automate there is a useful action called a Switch which is a type of condition that looks at just one thing, for example, department and goes down the relevant case depending on what's selected by the contractor. You can have up to 27 cases in any switch.


The trigger in the flow would be a Forms "W3en a new response is submitted and the first action should always be Get response details. You can then create the SharePoint list item:




.. then further down after any other actions you need you have the switch action and the different cases:




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@RobElliott Hi,


And thank you very much for your response.

Sorry I don't understand how can I connect a public form where any person can type a person's name correctly or incorrectly and then have flow to identify the right person?


For instance in my public form I have a field:

Person name visiting today: could be Jonn, Jhon, Jhonn, etc.


Make sense?




@sajarac that just isn't possible. If the user can enter a name in those different formats how on earth is the form or a flow that picks up the form supposed to know what name they are entering and therefore who to route it to? Not do-able.


If you want to do this you need to have a Choice question with the answers either a department or a person. Then you can do it.


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