NPS question on MS Forms (branching division)

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Hi all,

As regards to the NPS question; does anyone know of a way to segment the response into differing text boxes.

For example, if a user responses to options 1-6 goes to one new text/box instance, 7-8 another and so on?

Thank you all for your helpful responses :)

** Can anyone please help with this? **

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After creating a question "choice," it can be created by selecting "Branching" from the "Question Setup" menu.
Thank you Nobuharu.

This is more focused on the NPS widget which does a scoring from 1-10 and am attempting to ascertain how to branch from there as opposed to radio buttons etc.
There appears to be no way, of branching, using this widget, other than, whatever number the user chooses, going to another 'section' and then putting a response, question etc there.
I am attempting to divide 1-10 into segments and there appears to be no way to construct this.
Thank you