Insights disappearing from existing form

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Hi All,


Bit of a wierd issue, we have a form that has over 30 responses. Previosly the Ideas/Insights feature has shown helpful insights. 


However, we recently logged in to the Form again and notice that none of the questions on our form have the Insights button anymore. 


I am not sure how to get the Insights button/data to return/show again.


I have other Forms that have less responses and way more responses where the Insights button is showing. So I am unsure why this particular form has "stopped" showing the Insights data seemingly out of the blue.


Any ideas or suggestions?


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I am having the same problem. I had 8 different forms surveys with over 200 responses each. I pinned different insights on multiple questions, but they have all disappeared. There isn't even an insights link to click on now.

@Indy9692 Thanks for replying.


So magically, the Insights have now returned on the particular form I was referring too. So not sure if maybe the "behind the scenes" of how Insights works was having issues, or maybe it "clears" when you edit the form, and then you have to wait until the insight service runs again - totally guessing here. 


Anyways, things seem to be back to normal (for now). 

Be nice to know if there is a fix for this apart from it may return with time? Anyone have any ideas? I have had a look on the internet but can't see anything to say why this is occurring? My manager spoke with me today showing me this issue with a form she is working on as a collaborator, another form she had showed the insight button and options, whereas the form she was within didn't have the insight options showing for each question/answer, Thanks for any help people may be able to give regarding this.
Just had exactly the same problem today with my Masters dissertation research data

Checked responses before I went on holiday, some really good information in the insights - opened up the forms today, the responses are all there but no insights :weary_face:

I have emailed the ICT Dept at work, hopefully they can help - if they have any suggestions I will post on here
The insight was a good feature... It was gone when I logged in.... anyone knows how to turn on?
You can't turn it on manually. It will be there (or not) depending on the number of responses and the type of question. I've also noticed that older Forms created earlier than this year don't tend to have Insights.
That's interesting RobElliott and thank you for this, so you're saying the age of the form created and the amount of responses has to be a certain amount in order for the insights feature to show. Does anyone out there know what the questions types need to be and how many responses our required in order for insights in forms to work? I can understand why it might not work for one response but I'd have hoped 2 or more it would automatically work.

hi where is the insight button ??? in the new MS FORMS 2023