In Microsoft Forms - Locking questions in 'Shuffle questions' is not working

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I have a form with 17 questions. The first two questions are name and class and I would like these fields to stay locked at the very top of the form whilst the other questions get shuffled.


Using the 'lock questions' range doesn't seem to work. These two are still being shuffled with the rest of the questions.


I've tried the following ranges: 1 - 3, 1 -2, 0 - 2, 0 -1, 3-15 .. none seem to work.

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Nothing was working, so I had to duplicate the form and then it worked.

Tried that with my quiz form and there was no change. I'm trying to lock question 1 and shuffle the rest, but nothing shuffles when the range of 1 - 1 is used.