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I am new to MS Forms so any help would be welcome.  I have created a form that anyone within the company can complete and an email is sent to myself and a colleague stating that a new response has been received.  The form is to ask for a new item setting up on the computer system.  Once we have looked at the response, is it possible to mark that particular response as "approved" / "rejected" and then "complete" once it has been actioned or rejected?


Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me with this.

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@Dylan_Wilson you can't do this with just Forms, it is a basic Forms app that has no concept of "status". What we do for our IT Ticketing System at my company is that the user completes a form in Forms. That is picked up by a flow in Power Automate that saves the details into a SharePoint list and the flow sends a confirmation email back to the user with details of what they submitted and a reference number. One of the columns in that list is a Choice column for the status which will inititally be have a status of Open but of course once the work has been completed can then be changed to Completed. So the form should only be used for the initital submission and everything thereafter can be done in the SharePoint list.


Come back with any questions about this.


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@RobElliott -  Thank you Rob.  That's a a great help.  I'll look into Power Automate and SharePoint and learn a bit more about them.  Both your advice pointing me in the right direction and your offer of further assistance are very much appreciated.


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