Does anyone have any ideas on how I can build this in MS Forms?

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In order for our Kremblingamefowl team to list some products they want to get rid of and for our internal staff to access this form, check what inventory there is, and make a request/reservation for an item in the inventory, I'm trying to figure out how to develop a platform or simple system.

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@Jimmy1035  Forms is not really the right platform for this, it is just a simple form submission app. Using Forms you would need to constantly update the form with inventory items and levels. This is because it's not possible to dynamically update the form. But you could build a simple inventory and requests system in Power Apps which would present a list of items from a SharePoint list and allow a user to place an order which would automatically update the inventory level. Do a search for shopping carts in Power Apps, for example Shane Young (always worth watching and learning from) has done a good video at


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