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@Zhongzhong Liwhat is the status of provide Data Loss Prevention policy support for MS Forms?


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DLP is in our roadmap. Hopefully we could start to working on DLP later this year.


Thanks, that is good to hear. I do not see anything about Forms on the Office roadmap at https://products.office.com/en-US/business/office-365-roadmap?filters=#. Where is your roadmap located?

That' part is owned by Marketing team. I need to follow up with them.




Thank you, please do that. It is very important to our customers that the Office Roadmap be complete and comprehensive and that all of the information be in one place.


It is very difficult to make any plans or to know what to expect when we don't have the data.

@Zhongzhong Li 


Is there update on DLP Support for MS Forms? I have a client that is interested in this. 



@Zhongzhong Li More than 3 years "on a roadmap" and no even a sign that it will be someday implemented. It's a shame. It is not on a roadmap, please do not lie to users/customers. 


BTW I have a customer with 20k+ seats that will not be using Forms only because missing enterprise capabilities like a lack of DLP, lack of management role for Forms, and so on.  

Does Microsoft have DLP solution for Microsoft Forms now? How can I protect sensitive data entered into Microsoft forms?
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When I create a policy, I need to choose a following locations. None of it is Microsoft forms. Does it mean DLP will not works for Microsoft forms?
Exchange email
SharePoint sites
OneDrive accounts
Microsoft Defender for cloud apps
On-premises repositories
Correct, to the best of my knowledge MS Forms are not currently in scope for any of the compliance solutions, including DLP, Sensitivity Labels, and/or eDiscovery
Thanks Dean, for your comment. That is great help!