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Using Azure Active Directory as centralized AD

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Hello Guys,

I want to understand the scenario where we have say 20-30 on-prem AD's and few other Azure AD tenants say 3 or 4. Can it be integrated and managed with a centralized Azure active directory. Is it possible ?

If YES, what are the ways to do it ?

If No, how this kind of scenario can be achieved?

Thankyou in advance.

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How many ADDS Forests/Domains do you have? Are you plan to move to Cloud Identity only or planning to have a centralized Azure AD (single AAD Tenant)?
When you say, you have different AD forest, it means, you consciously decided to create seperate AD Admin and Security boundary. Why do you want to break that?
Multiple AD forest can sync to single Azure AD tenant, however, you can not sync one on premise AD to multiple tenants.

Azure AD supported topologies are describe here -
thankyou for your response. I am trying to figure out a solution where I can create a centralized Azure AD (Single tenant) and then connect multiple on-prem local AD's and also connect 2 or 3 Azure AD tenant to a centralized AAD.
Thankyou Jai for the response. I am trying to connect 2 to 3 Azure AD tenant to a centralized Azure AD tenant and also multiple Local AD's lets say 20 or 30 to the centralized Azure AD.
Unfortunately, if I'm not wrong, Microsoft currently does not have a solution to consolidate multiples AAD tenants into a single one. You will find some valuable stuff at the link suggested by Jai Verma but, for your scenario, I strongly suggest you engage MCS to help you on this consolidation project