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Hi this is an odd one, we have a Office 365 subscription and we use AD connector to connect to Azure AD to our on premise AD, the issue here is that in our new EA agreement to start in September we are going with Microsoft E3 licenses which includes the P1 Azure tenant licenses. 


Ok so the issue is that I cant find a subscription in our Azure AD and i have been warned that i might lose this as it is free. So what should i do . the person that set the Azure AD connector is no longer there. We have also set up a Exchange Hybrid link the exchange on line.  


So what are the options and if I do lose this what are the implications?


thanks all 



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Hi @Ian Maclauchlan,


When you apply an E3 license to an existing tenant, nothing changes to the underlying relationship between the Office 365 instance and the Azure AD platform as the two are intrinsically (and permanently) linked. All that happens is the Azure AD P1 functionality becomes available to use.


The key thing to ensure is that when your EA is setup, the licenses are applied to the correct tenant and you then assign the licenses to the relevant users within your organisation.