Any spring 2020 identity/Azure AD news or rumors out soon ?

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At Ignite 2019 it was mentioned that more and exiting Azure AD/identity stuff was on the way with planned release this spring ... Since the temperatures now are rising a bit here in Norway, spring must be just around the corner ;)


So are there any rumors or news? Or is it all saved up for Build 2020?


From the top of my mind sessions at Ignite mentioned:

* Access review of onprem AD Groups? (and then probably some more sync/writeback to AD?)

* Better support for provisioning from Azure AD to onprem - just Apps or also AD?

* Increase in number of fault domains for Azure AD?

* Full "disaster shadow copy service" of Azure AD?


Any insiders, or people with "big ears" that have some news to share? What will wave2 of Azure Identity Governance bring? 


Stay safe!



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Well, "insiders" are usually covered by NDA, so not sure what you expect :) Monitor the blog here, as well as the roadmap, is all I can tell you.