Check Azure AD version via Microsoft Graph

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I know you can get the Azure AD version in the portal (Azure AD Premium P1 etc). I'd like to get the information through Microsoft Graph. I had a look but couldn't find a way, though I'd imagine its possible and I'm missing something.


Does anyone know how to get this information through Graph? Any help appreciated.

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I just checked the Graph documentation and I don't see any direct way of doing it.
You could query org details and filter AAD licenses?

@Thijs Lecomte Thanks Thijs, that could definitely be an option. That link redirects to this question, did you happen to have an article?

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@Thijs Lecomte Thijs, your profile says you are a super contributor. I completely agree! :)


That did the trick nicely. For anyone who might read this post in the future, you may find the following article useful too.


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