Defender for Identity - Failed to Create Error

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Hi All,


Trying to create an instance for defender for identity but it keeps failing.

when I tried it the first time - it failed with the error - the groups already created - I followed this post and deleted the groups


Now when I tried again - it gives me a generic "failed to Create" error. Attaching screenshots. Has anyone seen this before?

Just for kicks I tried both the security portal and also the legacy azure.atp portal.




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@lroy0608 navigate to your Azure AD portal and to the groups blade, search for group with ATP word, delete them and go back to your MDI and create your instance 


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@lroy0608 probably a cname dns issue. Open a Support ticket so we can fix it in the backend.

if you read the post - I have mentioned I deleted the groups already.
sorry I missed that in your post, then as Eli mentioned you need to open a support ticket so MS can check in the backend your tenant