Bulk add devices in MDI exclusion lists

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Hello everyone,

We are looking for a way to add our internal security scanners (several hundreds) to MDI exclusion lists. (For example Account Enumeration Reconnaissance)


Several problems came up:

  • The interface does not seem to support bulk adding, which is not only a problem to add hundreds of devices in one policy, but also when it comes to add this list to several MDI policies.

  • One given device seems to match several objects (up to 5 duplicates entities).
    When trying to add a device in one policy exclusion list (which would take some time to copy-paste one by one), I would actually have to add 1 to 5 entities so that device is properly whitelisted.


What would you recommend to fix/workaround those problems?
The best solution I can imagine would be to be able to create groups of devices (imported from a CSV file), that we could then attach to the exclusion lists of needed policies.

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There is now a Global Excluded Entities Page. that makes it much easier to bulk modify exclusion lists.