How to uninstall Azure ATP sensor manually

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We have encountered latency issues on our DCs and we have uninstalled Azure ATP sensor.
But the problem did not come from there.
Now we want to reinstall Azure ATP Sensor.
But it's impossible.

While installing, we got an error saying Azure ATP Sensor is already installed. :


Error DeploymentManager ShowErrorMessage Microsoft Defender for Identity Sensor is already installed


When, we try to uninstall the old Azure ATP sensor we got an error.


Error DeploymentManager ShowErrorMessage Product is not installed
Exit code: 0x643


How can I uninstall Azure ATp Sensor manually?

My servers are Windows Server 2016 core.

Thanks for your help

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There are a few registry entries and folders on the disk that needs to be removed.
I advise to open a support ticket, and support will guide you step by step how to clean it.

Thanks for your support @Eli Ofek

I will open a support ticket