Scheduling A Specific Staff Member in the URL

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Is there a way to book a specific person via the published URL? My sales folks would like to send a link that books their calendar inside the overall team where a customer couldn't change the Staff member. My current workaround is creating a Company per sales rep, which is a lot of work. 

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Yep, the only way right now seems to be to just create a new bookings site for each employee.  We had a similar request and that's all we could come up with.  Truth be told, it's not too bad going that route.

I'd like to know if there's a way to do that as well. Making a new booking site per employee is a lot of work (and maintenance) and also it seems like there's no way to remove myself from the available list, so each booking site would have me and the other employee.


I just want an URL to include in everyone's signatures so when customers click on that link they can book a meeting with that specific staff member.


Seems like pretty basic stuff to me.

A single site, with a filterable query string or url segment would be perfect. I would think 90% of companies want to streamline the setup and config and not maintain a differ t site for each person.

That said, how many times have we all said "we need individual options/setups, come on" - I'm sure the MS lead on Bookings is shaking his/her head right now.

@Sally_Richardson I think this is a very basic feature that needs to be implemented asap. It's already there for the services, where you can copy the specific service link. We use this tool in the recruiting department. And if you have a team of more than 10 people, then it's really inconvenient for the candidate to select the right person from the list. And there is also room for wrong bookings. It would be much more practical if I can send out a link with the right service and the right person. So please, Microsoft, make this happen. Other booking tools for recruiting and sales can already do that. And to me, it does not sound like an overcomplicated feature.

We are able to send a url for a specific service, the problem we are having is if the client chooses to reschedule, they get a "New Booking" link, which gives them access to all the services we offer. This is a problem because we don't want them to be able to choose a service other than the one we specified.

@deoreill I have also observed this weird behavior over the last weeks. But in my case, it was even weirder. When I clicked the first time on the link "new booking", then I saw the specific service only. But when I clicked again on it, then I all the services we offer. But I think you have to open a new request with your specific problem. Otherwise, it will probably not be recognized.