Optional Attendees Deleting When Booking Appointment Updated

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We have a process in place where we add optional attendees via Outlook to our scheduled Bookings appointments. This allows us to add the appointment to staff calendars who may optionally attend an appointment.


We can't add this by committing staff in bookings, because we don't want these members to show as available staff. This work around has worked extremely well for us.

It looks like something changed within Bookings however. Now, anytime an appointment is updated, all "Optional Attendees" drop out. Is there a way to add someone as a staff or optional attendee after the appointment has been created and allow it to persist during appointment changes?

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Add the optional attendees as staff and turn on email notifications for them. In the service itself, make sure they are not selected as staff members.

In theory, optional attendees won't show up as available staff but should receive email notifications for any new/updated bookings. They can use these notifications to manually create blocks on their calendars if they so wish.

Just an idea and probably far from ideal.