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Can Microsoft please integrate the feature in Bookings that you can add 2 (or more) employees to an appointment and Bookings will then also show times when all employees have time in their Outlook calendar? This would be useful for scenarios like job interviews or pitches where multiple internal staff members need to attend. It would also save time in finding common appointments. In other words, Bookings should not only support 1:1 and 1:n, but also make m:1 and m:n possible.


The Workaround to create Groups or Mailing Lists and use them for Bookings is not useful at all (because no calendar is taken into account).

Is such a feature planned? Is there already a release date for it?

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Patrick Hirzel

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We would also like this feature. we have a need where multiple people need to get appointments made into their calendars for a given service booking not just one in the group.
I second that. It would be great to have a multiselect of people so that you can book an appointment with multiple people or at least create event types that allow for multiple people
I agree, this feature would solve exactly what I'm looking for

@Patrick_Hirzel I believe this is on the bookings roadmap now for a June 2022 possible release.