Change staff role grayed out

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Ad IT admin, I'm trying to change the role of some people in the staff menu but, though I have created them as viewers or administrator, they are set as "Guest" and I can't change it (grayed out).

These people have 365 Business Premium license assigned.



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I am having the same issue.  Please post if you found a solution.@DiegoFurlan 




Took us a while to sort out the same issue.


We resolved it by:


Going to the Exchange admin center:


The user who was having the issue was set to a shared mailbox, and needed to be converted over to a standard mailbox. Also, once converted to a standard mailbox, we had to ensure that they were placed in the relevant group of the booking form. To edit these groups, go to exchange admin center > recipients > groups.


Hope this helps!


Hope this helps!