Buffer time added to meeting time

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Help!! I am rolling out the Booking tool for our organization but have encountered a major issue that may keep us from using it altogether.  If I set my meeting time for 30 minutes and my buffer time for 30 minutes at the beginning and end, once the session is booked it appears to be 1.5 hours long in my calendar. 

The knock-on effect of this, is the Bookings tool sees this as an 1.5 hour appointment in my calendar so then adds ANOTHER 30 minutes buffer either side of the appointment.  

So if the appointment was booked for 12-12.30, it would show up in my calendar from 11.30-1pm and then due to the buffer time, customers wouldn't be able to book in the 11-11,30 time slot or the 1.30-2 time slot.

Anyone else experiencing this still?  Is there a fix for this issue by any chance?


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