Bookings wants to be, but it's not there yet.

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I want to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the functionality of Microsoft Bookings. As a business user, I had high expectations for this product, but unfortunately, it has fallen short in several crucial areas.
There is no integration between customer bookings and staff notifications. When a customer schedules an appointment through Bookings, they receive a separate invite, while the staff member handling the appointment does not have access to essential customer details, such as basic contact information. This makes it impossible to effectively communicate with customers via Teams or other external services, so what's the point?
There is more: Bookings allow for the creation of custom fields with required questions for customers, BUT there is no functionality for businesses to view or access the responses to these questions!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This oversight renders the feature essentially useless, as we are unable to gather vital information from our customers.
It is incredibly disappointing that a company as reputable as Microsoft would release a product with such glaring deficiencies. The purpose of Bookings is to streamline appointment scheduling and improve customer-business interactions, yet its current state fails to fulfill these objectives.
Bookings is also lacking of a payment integration feature that would allow customers to pay for appointments upfront. It needs to be added! This would greatly enhance the functionality of Bookings and provide a more comprehensive solution for businesses.
On top of that, it continously generated errors showing different availability times, even thought I set it up for standard business hours. Totally dissapointing!
I have already contacted Microsoft support and I have talked to the engineers, who brought the issue to a higher level. After days of research, the final response was that the app was limited and it was not way to fix my issues until Microsoft develops or updates the app.
My overall experience with Microsoft Bookings has left me feeling disillusioned and frustrated. I had hoped to consolidate my business tools within the Microsoft ecosystem, but it is clear that alternatives such as Calendly offer superior functionality and reliability.
I urge Microsoft to prioritize these issues and work swiftly to rectify them. As a paying customer, I expect Microsoft to uphold the highest standards of quality and usability in its products. To be honest, I feel like I was scammed when I signed for the services. Microsoft offered me all these features and what I got was worthless functionalities!
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I agree with your sentiments that there are still a number of things lacking in Bookings.

I posted this to clarify that you can see the custom answers. You need to view a booking, then click on each customer to see their custom answers. It would be nice to be able to see all the responses without having to click on each person separately.