Bookings not showing up in outlook calendar for multiple staff members

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Hi there!

We run interviews where candidates can book with interviewers that we've added as staff and assigned to the service.


We need every interview to have 2 interviewers present, so once an interview is booked in we then go in and add another staff member to the booking. This has been working fine and both interviewers have been able to see the booking in their outlook calendar up until now.


I'm not sure what happened, I haven't been doing anything differently, but as of today when we add the 2nd interviewer to the booking, they can't see it in their outlook calendar. The 1st interviewer who was initially booked by the candidate can see it, but the 2nd person added after the booking is created can't see it. They do still get email confirmations and can join through the link in their email.


Help!! Both interviewers need to be able to see the booking in their outlook calendar.


I have tried updating my computer which I hoped would fix it but the issue persists. 

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I can confirm we are also seeing this happen over the past month or two maybe not every single time but sporadically for sure.


The current use case for a customer is they have a staff member randomly assigned at the time of the customer booking but they may not be the one to do the appointment So the appointment is changed in the booking calendar service to assign the correct staff to that particular event and they are not getting it on their personal calendars even though they get the email.