Bookings for GCC tenant

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It looks like Bookings is not available in the GCC tenant.  Is there any way we could add it, or if anyone knows if it's on the road map at least?   Thank you.


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I think @Pernille-Eskebo is being short-sighted if they are not offering this in GCC. Government agencies like the City of Everett need to have ways for people to Book appointments and integrate with our office products to include outlook and Teams. Seeing this I will need to look for an alternative booking solution.

Yeah this needs to be addressed by Microsoft as to both why not and if or when.

@Dobongsoon Bookings is now available in the GCC.  However, There is no turn off in the Admin.  It is all or nothing, as I see it. 


@Larry Hibbs Booking can be disabled by managing licensing assignment to users or you can also looks like you can create mailbox policy to restrict access, 

I am interested to know, how do over local government agency's roll out new feature like booking when they become available.? What does your review process look like?  What governance model are you using. 

Is this in GCC now? per Microsoft Bookings service description - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Docs it looks like it is.


I'm in GCC High which definitely doesn't have it and it is sorely missed as products like calendly can't auth with GCC High.


Not seeing anything on the Roadmap, so all indications are that this service will either not come to GCC High or it is a long way off. Appreciate some guidance from the product team.

It's now March 2023. Is the GCC connector to MS Bookings planned for the future?