Bookings Clashing with Outlook Calendar Appointments

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Hi world

We have an MS Bookings system where a secondary O365 email address has been used but we are yet to identify if this account has a calendar associated with it - the email address may only be a redirection to the primary account in terms of emails.

The bookings for the primary account work as intended and take into account the calendar's availability, but not the secondary account as appointments are double booked. Currently, the calendar displays both primary and secondary account booking appointments - this is how we would it configured if possible.

The secondary account has been added via the Staff function in MS Bookings, however, when it was added, the Staff Member defaulted to the Guest type and will not allow us to amend it - it's greyed out. With this, we cannot enable the 'Events on Office calendar affect availability' as it is also greyed out. Enabling this option will resolve this issue. Can someone explain why these options are greyed out?

Please note that the primary and secondary accounts belong to the same person but have been separated in the Staff function in MS Bookings.

As a workaround, we have set strict availability to the secondary account in MS Bookings for lunch breaks, but this does not account for any existing appointments in the calendar.

Any questions, please let me know.

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