Bookings and Integration opportunity

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I've been evaluating Bookings as a potential solution for an organisation to cover room bookings, e-ticket bookings and service bookings.

Having integration capability is key; preferably facilitated through Logic Apps/Power Automate.

I did see the Bookings API but its been in /beta for 2/3 years!?!? we can't proceed to a Production scenario with a /beta API but cannot seem to get any clarification if this will ever move to GA (unlikely i assume?)


I then looked at utilising Flow with the Graph API e.g. when a new event is created in Outlook (O365) and some great articles, but again not ideal and not fully supported.


Finally wanted options for at least some pre-population e.g. i start on a web form and want to pass details to Bookings (name, email etc) but again no capability.


I then looked at alternative product such as 10to8; which has the capability to integrate from Power platform and logic apps; but again in preview!


In terms of bookings and having a enterprise service booking solution, I believe i need to look outside of Microsoft technologies; albeit can still integrate into M365 if there is API avaialbility.


Any thoughts?



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