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Bing seems confused. I am in the USA. However, Bing continually posts news from India in all the different categories. No offense to India, but I am much more interested in news in all categories that is closer to home. I have no "Interests" that are associated with India.


Why is Bing doing this? 

And, how can I get Bing to stop showing me so much news from India?


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@HeyU-notU-U, sorry to hear you're not getting news from your region! Have you checked your location settings? On the Settings page, under Search, you can find Location. Enter your location then click Save. If it's already set to your location, try setting it to a different location, clicking save, then setting it back to your correct location again. Let me know if the problem persists.

@Alyxe Thank you for your quick response and willingness to help! Your compatriots over at Edge Insiders could learn a lot from you as they are neither responsive or helpful.


Anyway, I checked and both the Country and Zip code were set correctly. But, I did as you suggested and changed both to something else and then changed them back to what they should be. 


In general, that helped, however, The Technology news section still is about 90% from India and the Entertainment news area is 50-70% from Bollywood. So, those two areas seem to be ignoring my location settings for some reason.


Please ignore the following as it is an Edge problem, not a Bing problem. Am doing it this way in case you already have seen it. Also, just in the last day, clicking on a news category, such as Technology, opens a new tab in Edge. How do we stop that? I go through your news sections and my Interests daily. I will end up with 30 tabs open unless we can stop it somehow.


Appreciate any input/help you might have for me on this problem.


BTW, over the years, my experience with the Bing team has always been very positive. Spread the word in MSFT so others in MSFT will emulate you all! :smile:



Ok, it sounds like we're on the right track with the Bing News search results. I'd like to take a closer look into this for you. Could you send me a screenshot of your Bing News Results? 


As for the Edge portion of the comment. We want to make sure your feedback is received by the Microsoft Edge team. Please submit feedback by selecting the "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback. Or by having your browser open and pressing Alt+Shift+i.

@Alyxe Thanks for the tip on getting help with Edge! I'll do that when the problem happens next time (I still haven't figured the trigger yet).


As for sending you a screen shot, what is the best way to get it to you? I'm kinda new to this forum and don't see anything obvious.


On the good news front, when I did my Binging this morning, the number of stories originating from India seemed reduced substantially. 



@HeyU-notU-U It seems like there was some progress this morning! I'm glad your seeing more relevant news stories today. I've sent you a DM that you can respond to with a screenshot if you'd like.