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:suprised:Will "Club Bing!" be coming back anytime soon (please)?:stareyes:

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Hey @Rae_Rae, I'm not familiar with Club Bing. Can you elaborate?

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@Alyxe :lol:I wish I could (tell you more about "Club Bing!"). I have only just heard of 'it' myself by reading something, somewhere (about 'it') to the effect of "will no longer..." Please, forgive me. I suffer from "short-term memory loss" due to head trauma and injuries. However, if you give me a couple of months, I might be able to remember then. :facepalm:

Hey! No problem, if you come across the thing you read or remember, just let me know. :)

@Rae_Rae so sorry to hear about your head wishes on a speedy recovery.


I think you are referring to the Bing Insiders virtual get together. Melroy (sorry, I can't remember his last name) was the leader. We did these before the virus! We were ahead of our


Each month, we'd get together on Teams. Melroy would bring in various members of the Bing team to show us what they were working on and ask for our feedback. It was a fantastic way to improve Bing...and we all felt as if we had a hand in making Bing better and more engaging.


It also was a great way to get together with other Bing users and see what they were doing. Very interactive and fun. It was so cool to see things we helped the Bing team with appear on Bing in production!


I'm with you...would Microsoft consider bringing back the original Bing Insiders monthly virtual meetings? Please?


Thank you!