New Translator Feature?

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Love this idea or widely common phrases. That is pretty neat!!


Also it would be nice to have prounication tips as well.


Keep it up translator teams!!



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I would really love it if bing can tell me if the word is (pl) or (signal) or the form, like her, he, an the pronunciation.
signal or pl, what
You see in Frech, there is different forms of the words. like in Singular- one thing, Plural -multiple. Sorry it was my typos.
Okay, just want to make sure you know there is an Edit button for each post/comment.
Yes, I do understand there is a edit button but since of those HTML error, it is very annoying.
that doesn't mean you have to spam all the threads again. what kind of language do you want me to write in so that you understand not to spam the threads? how many times moderators should tell you that? dude, stop it. seriously.
Yes, I understand, and I am not spamming anymore. I am writing one thing and waiting for a response. Happy??
You clearly don't understand if you keep doing it.