Missing translations in Bing website for Persian language

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Hello, there are some words that are not translated when I use Bing in Persian language.





in this screenshot the words (Work = کار) and (Results = نتایج) are not translated.



there is one here too




the word (Privacy = حریم خصوصی) 



And here






(Voice search = جست و جو با صدا)

and its description:

(Read results aloud - Enable spoken answer for voice search =

خواندن نتایج با صدای بلند - فعال کردن جواب دادن از طریق صحبت در جست و جو با صدا)


And finally here, you can see (Image, Videos, News etc,) are not translated in Bing home page




but they are correctly translated in Bing search results.






Hope they can get fixed. I would be happy to help translate Bing and its contents further for Persian language. thanks in advance

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