I've been saving this one (since 12/03/2020)... re: "This or That"

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What's wrong with this 'picture?'

Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 7.58.20 AM.png

The question posed for the "this or that" on Thursday, December 3, 2020, was: "Which of these animals is from the SOUTHERN Hemisphere?"

So why, pray tell, would/ SHOULD one of the choices contain an answer regarding the WESTERN hemisphere? This was REALLY concerning for me. Was this meant to try to 'trick' us? Luckily (for me). I decided to go ahead and choose the Kookaburra anyway. Even though the answer was considered correct, this bothers me because it borderlines misinformation. Do you agree?

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@Rae_Rae No. I got a 10/10 on this quiz.
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@Kam Perhaps you misunderstand. I am (was) trying to point out that there can easily be misconceptions if ideas are not conveyed properly and that there IS a difference between (not just the words themselves) but the ACTUAL "Southern" and "Western" hemispheres.

**Please note I "best response(d)" me to see if it would work. Obviously, it did. And I regret it. At least, now I know and will not do 'it' again.

@Rae_Rae Why couldn't it be the "Southwest" part?

@Kam IDK that I fully understand what it is you are asking. Why can't what (exactly) be the "Southwest" part? 

@Kam Oh! LOL. The comment wasn't about "ToT" - per se. Are you able to view the screenshot? I was merely pointing out wording was confusing. 'They' were asking for us to 'look at' the Southern Hemisphere, and yet, the first 'answer' that shows has "Western Hemisphere" in bold letters. *(FTR- I got a 10 out of 10, too!)