Bing Wallpaper App for Mac location always wrong

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I live in the United States, and every time the Bing app for Mac launches on startup, my location is set to "Aş urm," and my weather units are set to Celsius.

I have entered my zip code, and switched my weather units back to Fahrenheit at least twenty times.  It never sticks.

After every reboot, the location is "Aş urm" again and my weather units are set back to Celsius.  See picture below.

Where is Bing getting this information, and why does manually editing the info not stick?

Also, although less annoying, after every single reboot, Microsoft Bing for Safari pops open a window and says, "You're all set!" as if I just installed it again.

I'm on an M2 MacBook Air, running Ventura 13.0.1/

Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 7.37.56 AM.png


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I have been having the same issues with the same hardware config. I am running Ventura 13.4 for OS.

Bump. Just pointing out that this issue did not resolve itself. Still an issue on M2 Mac. Granted, the Venn diagram of Mac users and Bing Wallpaper App users might only have a sliver of overlap, it would be nice if I didn't have to set my location every single time I rebooted my laptop.  Microsoft developed the app for a reason, right?  It's strange no one cares.

M1 MacBook Pro here. Same issue. Not likely related to processor or release. I've poked around in /Applications/Bing but nothing says "Hello, I'm the config file". I did find Frameworks/SQLite.framework/SQLite underneath Contents folder. It could be that there's a SQLite DB where preferences are stored and there's some kind of folder permission issue where the app is unable to write to disk. If that's true it would explain why the location resets on app restart. I reproduced without reboot. Simply quitting the app and launching it again reproduces the problem.

Am I bringing this issue up in the wrong place? Are only community members here? How do I file a bug report for this app?
same issue. M2 Macbook pro Ventura13.5.1. seems no one cares.