Bing prompting to sign in to a work account

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I've signed in to Bing using my Microsoft account but every time I open Bing I get prompted to sign in using a work account as well. How can I stop this (I have previously signed in using a work account but I no longer have that job and it's just irritating to see the name of an organisation that made me redundant!)


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you can click on work in Bing




then from the top-right side of the page, click on your Email or account name, then sign out




you can also sign out from


if you want to do it from the browser, you can clear site data and cookies.

on Edge, it can be done here: edge://settings/clearBrowserData


@HotCakeX Many thanks! I was already signed out (which I'd guess is why it was prompting me to sign in) but clearing cookies has fixed it.



Glad to hear that, you're welcome :)