Adusting addresses on Bing Maps for a new community

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I recently spent a few weeks getting the streets and addresses updated and added to Google Maps for our new community. There is an online process that I tried to use back in January, but it didn't work. I had to work with an expert who in turn forwarded my requests to the Google Maps team. Once we got over an initial hurdle to name the streets correctly, I could then add addresses in their correct locations.


The good news is it seems like Bing may be getting data from Google (or it was propagated through another source) since all the addresses I added show up on Bing when I search. They did not show up a month ago. The problem is they are in the wrong locations. I've tried to go through the online process but nothing is updating and I do not receive any feedback through my account that the changes have been accepted.


I've attached composite screenshots of what both Google and Bing Maps shows. You can see where all of the Bing Maps addresses are off by around 100 feet although there are a few other addresses that are off by much more.


Any assistance is much appreciated as I'm there are businesses and individuals that use Bing Maps to route packages or themselves to our addresses.


Thank you.

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Just checked out the copyright notice and not really seeing anything that may lead to another data source other than I saw United States Postal Service mentioned. They get their data from E911 but if they were grabbing data in the case of those additional addresses, I would think Tom Tom would have all the addresses. At this point, I can't get anyone else to talk to me. HERE's process is either broken or very slow and I have no idea how to get updates over to UPS. I guess I was starting to take up too much of the e911 GIS managers time. I hope he continues updating communities, but who knows :)

Have a great weekend!

HI Michael, kindly send me the file that has the additional address, and have you checked the address through bing or the search box in TomTom MapShare?

Also, note for security, privacy reasons they may not list all sources they use for the info, they have contacts, license agreements :)

Kindly send me the file :)

Hi Michale, Here Maps does updates for their months quarterly, that means every 4 months :)
Hi Shawn,

No need to use the search bar on TomTom. All valid addresses are showing up when the TomTom "Address Points" layer is switched on. Using the search bar is misleading since each street has a range of *possible* addresses so any possible address in the range will show up in a general location. Again...all of the *valid* addresses for the community are now in TomTom and showed up shortly after the GIS Manager uploaded the addresses into Google. He *may* have worked through a process with TomTom, but he didn't inform me and the addresses are not spread out evenly in the same way as Google and there are some missing, I'm doubtful that happened.

If HERE does updates every quarter then maybe we'll see something show up around June. If that happens, I'll get up with GroundCloud and see how soon they would update Fedex.

I think it's really as good as it can get at this point. Thank you so much for your help! Between me, you, and the other Google Maps expert, we made quite a bit happen. The E911 GIS manager has all the information he needs to help create a system that updates all mapping providers, so hopefully he runs with that, but in the end he may think it's not his job :)
Hi Michael, I am checking with TomTom if they can give me a list of sources they use though if they are using USPS for those address.

You may contact the USPS Address Managment office here:*18n8ft*_ga*Mjc0ODI1MjYzLjE2NTA...
Thank you...but.. that's Loudoun county Virginia, not Loudon county Tennessee :) I made the same mistake a couple times earlier in my research :)
Oops sorry about that Michael, kindly if possible send me a list of the missing address and the coordinates.
Hi Michael, wishing to get a update on the situation?
Hi Shawn,
Looks like we are as good as it needs to be for the important issues.

The entire neighborhood is getting packages from UPS, Fedex and USPS. I asked both the UPS and Fedex drivers if the data was in their systems and it was. No idea how it got into the UPS Orion system. Perhaps they were able to update systems through the USPS database or perhaps the data I sent to an email address I was given from a staff member at the local UPS depot is what did the trick. No idea, but the data is present in all the systems.

For general routing, Google, of course is 100% correct. Tom Tom/Bing is correct with a few addresses a little off from their location. Garmin took all of my changes and I got an email saying those would appear in a future map update. HERE is showing all of my updates but none yet from the GIS manager. Never made any headway with Apple and I'm assuming the GIS manager never did but I see the roads to the neighborhood are now in the maps, just no addresses so for now, Apple users will need to other sources to map their way to homes in the community.

All our efforts were worthwhile and pushed the timeline up for people in the community to get reliable package delivery and to be able to route friends, family, and vendors to their home by probably 6 months if not more.

Thanks again for all of your help. Very much appreciated. Good luck in school!

All the best,
I would like to let you know that the TomTom is getting ready to implment satellite imagery into the map repoerter!