Why are the default reminders gone?

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Starting in late September, we noticed that any ICS file coming from a non-Office 365 user is having the default reminder stripped off.   This is something that just started happening as we've never had this problem before.  


We were able to confirm that ANY ICS file sent from Gmail, iCloud, or any other 3rd party service has it's default reminder removed.  I've opened a ticket with Microsoft and they say that they can confirm this so it must be BY DESGIN.  Why would it be BY DESIGN?  It's clearly a BUG that is affecting every Office 365 tentant.  This is causing issues with 3rd party scheduling systems like Calendary and TimeTrade because those meetings no longer have reminders on them because they come from 3rd party sources.   


I can't get anyone at Microsoft to report this as a bug simply because they can confirm it.  But no one can tell me a single benefit from having the reminder removed from a 3rd party email service but not Office 365.

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Perhaps @Julia Foran can chime in here.

So far, no response from Microsoft. Again, what benefit is there from stripping reminders off of events just because they don't come from Office 365? This is a BUG that just started happening in September and needs to be fixed ASAP