What contributes to the total SharePoint Tenant Storage?

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Is it just data within SharePoint sites that make up the total SharePoint storage found in the M365 Admin Center > Active sites?


Do individual user's mailbox/One Drive contribute to this?


Reading through https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/sharepoint-online-service-descriptio... I understand that by having a SharePoint Plan 2 license you get 1TB of storage plus 10GB for every licenses purchased (we have SPP2 included in our O365E3 licenses. With 193 licenses that's 1930GB = 1.93TB to equal 2.93 TB total storage). We have 3.80TB of storage used which comes from that 2.93TB explained above plus having to add some EFS licenses - but where is the other ~1TB coming from?

What else contributes to cost? 


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