Update calendar invite without sending 'meeting has been updated message' to attendees

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Hi everyone,


I am not normally an Office 365 Administrator but find myself wearing that hat at a startup.


Someone at my company asked if it was possible to update a calendar invite without spamming all the attendees that the meeting invitation has been updated.  She often has to schedule meetings on behalf of our CEO and would like to avoid spamming everyone if she does not get the exact details the right the first time. 


Is this possible

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@ssoutrs Hi, if using Outlook on the web the updates won't be sent to all attendees as it has a built-in behavior when it comes to these notifications 

Send updates options for attendees not shown - Exchange | Microsoft Docs


If using the Outlook client she should save the updated info (File - Save) and not use "Send update" button. If adding/deleting someone in the invite make sure to select the proper option at the prompt.




Thanks! I will pass that information along to her.

When I send updated from my managers calendar - I do not get the question? Is this a specific setting?
(Just recently disapeared, I have had it before)

unfortunately this functionality DOES NOT work IF the meeting is created within a Channel in Teams,
the person who created the meeting is no longer considered to be the organiser when a meeting is set to be held in a teams channel
and there is no way that i can find that this can be changed

would love if someone as the answer though

@ChristianJBergstrom When I press the save button, the only options it gives are in the screenshot below. ssoutlook.png

 And it says that the update will be sent to "about 28 people." This needs to be fixed in Outlook. I used to be able to send an invite to just one person for an event without having to update every single attendee.


I have this same issue, as I am sure do tens of thousands of MS Outlook users. I have a team of people that have to re-accept every time we need to adjust one small element of a meeting. SUPER frustrating.


You are not alone. 

Hej @krisknight 

I found the solution - see pic:


But then the outlook download mail history and get a bit slower - trying to find a solution to that right now. 



I believe I found the solution…

When I Google Searched “Outlook Meeting how to save after modifying Response under Tracking without sending update” (THAT's what I was trying to do), THIS came up at the top result:


Save meeting changes but don't send updates with Save feature

  1. Double click to open the meeting, and make any changes as you need.
  2. Click the Save button and the Close button successively on the Quick Access Toolbar. See screenshot:
  3. Note: This method works well when you change the meeting note only.

How to save meeting changes but don't send updates in ...


And it WORKED! For my case, anyway… *BTW this was done on Outlook app on PC.


I hope this will help you, too! (^O^)b

This is not correct. This dialogue box does not appear when adding attendees to an existing recurring meeting, and everyone already on the invite list is spammed, every time it is adjusted.
I have been trying to fix this issue for years, as well. One can find the same issue being asked and unanswered since 2014 all over the internet... It seems like only a small subset of Microsoft employees see the "Send the change to everyone" or "Send the change only to the added attendees" options when they try to add one single new person to an existing recurring meeting. It would be great if Microsoft could find a way to ensure this functionality is offered to everyone who uses Outlook - not just the 4 Microsoft employees tasked with replying to this same problem for the past 20 years?



i tried this
but still did not give me the right dialogue box to be able to send update to ONLY those newly added participants

have been following this thread for 5 months
all the answers did not help
till i worked out that @christian's answer was just missing a step !
see file uploaded


Is there any chance you could explain in text?  Clicking a link - especially on a Microsoft site - is a little too risky for my blood!

managed to copy as image, not sure why it didn't do that last time



still seems to not work if i have created a meeting that is a Teams Meeting that is IN a channel within a team, as the organiser changes to the Team Name!
still exploring
I routinely make changes to a meeting series- both the body of the invite and the attendees.
I use the "file save" trick and unfortunately find that all of the required still attendees get spammed and have to re-accept even when I select the send updates only to added or deleted attendees. Also- I notice for those attendees, the changes made to the body of the invite are not saved. Does anyone else have this problem?


Sorry I realise this is an old thread, but I was searching for a solution to not sending an update to all attendees when adding/changing location or making small edits to the invite body in Outlook.

When you use the "file / save" as you recommend, it only updates the invite in my calendar and not in the attendees calendars. It only saves it as a draft and I am forced to thereafter click "send update" anyway, which notifies all attendees :(

I was used to working with Google calendar and it has great functionality for efficient calendar management. I just can't believe this isn't possible in Outlook!