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Why is it impossible to obtain support for Microsoft 365? If a company's admin becomes locked out of their account, this seems to be an insurmountable problem for Microsoft. Microsoft's recommendation is to sign into the admin portal and open a support ticket. Without regard to this being an impossibility when an admin is unable to sign in. I have 4 telephone numbers that may or may not work depending upon the day. Have spent in excess of 3 hours on hold only to abondon call due to no response. On days that I can get in touch with someone after waiting on hold between 1 and 3 hours, I'm told a representative has been assigned to the case but can get no other information. Same story, a representative will call within 48 hours. This problem has been over a week. The principle of a business cannot access his email and we can get NO SUPPORT other than a case number. Apparently, security defaults were enabled on this account, most likely via some Microsoft update. When users attempt to sign in, they are prompted for their MFA code which does not exist. Therefore, email is down, Teams is down, no portal access. WE NEED THIS RESOLVED TODAY!!!!!!!!!


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Yes the default channel is what you mentioned (refer below URL), unless purchase addition support such as unified support, btw, did you contact your CSP partner or local contact of Microsoft?