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Dear Friends, sorry but I'm a computer thickie so please go easy on me.


My son now has a laptop for school, thus I'd like to share my office 365 with him. Last night I I used the microsoft key and all worked well......however, I suddenly noticed all my docs then appeared on his laptop !!! So, please can someone tell me how I can install it without him having all my rubbish ??? Many thanks.


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What are you trying to install and share with him. Do you mean Office? What key did you use? What Office 365 subscription do you have?



Just my copy of office 365. I understand I can share it with 6 other devices !

Yes, Office 365. I used the 25 digit key provided by Microsoft. I just want my son to have Office on his laptop but without all my documents (word, excel etc etc) For some reason all my docs seemed to transfer over to his laptop when I used the 25 digit key. Maybe it's a one-drive thing....I don't know.
What version of office 365?

The reason I ask is most do not come with a key. Where did you purchase it and what version is it? I am going to guess and say it’s “office 365 family” since you mentioned you have 6 people you can share with