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how to change the text that is provided by the function: rand () eg in ms-word?

* where is this text?

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Hi @evertonuli2 !

There are undocumented functions within Office Application.

You can insert 3 blind text functions within Office (Word Excel PP Outlook OneNote...)

a) =rand(3,5) gives you 3 sections with 5 sentences with an office 2007 text about new tools in Office.

b) =lorem(3,5) gives you the good old "lorem ipsum" blind text.

c) =rand.old(3,5) you can also test. It doesn't work in my Word online.


I fear there s no way to change the original rand or lorem text. Instead you can define your own blind texts with Building Blocks or AutoTexts. See that article to do it:


There are funny blind text alternatives on like Batman Ipsum or Office Ipsum.


Greets, Eva.





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