"New Outlook" Inbox not updating

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In the "New Outlook" (which appears identical to the current web version of outlook): whenever I get a new email, I will get a notification and the unread counter next to my inbox tab will increase by one... but the email itself will not appear in the inbox UNTIL I click out of the inbox and back into it! It doesn't appear that the inbox can refresh itself "on-the-fly" as new emails come in, it only refreshes itself when it is loaded up! Are others experiencing this issue? I see @svhelden posted about it a year ago but they said a software update fixed it... to me it seems to still be occurring with both the desktop and web app.

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@jmartin411  Hopping on the thread to (hopefully) see the answer. Mine is doing the same thing on both web & desktop versions. I can get it to refresh by clicking the Filter-all option, so it's not too terrible, but still annoying. 

I'm not sure exactly when mine started doing this, but it was sometime in the last couple weeks. 


Also started noticing this happening to me on the desktop version of new outlook starting 4/11/24 but this was not an issue at all for me before 4/3/24. In order to see that new emails have come into my outlook I need to literally click on each folder to see if there are new emails hiding in the folders because outlook is not displaying new email numbers next to folders with new emails in them. Also, despite having notifications enabled, now since this issue has come up I am no longer receiving new email notifications on my machine either despite notifications for calendar items appearing for me without issue. This is causing delays in my response to timely issues if I am not manually interacting with outlook throughout the work day. This is really inconvenient and this bug should be reviewed and resolved by Microsoft asap. The number of issues and flagship features that are missing from new outlook is really alarming.