Positioning Power Automate Flows and Logic Apps

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Dear community,

Today we have multiple options for creating, trigger or action based automated flows. When I ask our implementation partners, I get the answer that Power Automate is preferred over Logic Apps. When I look at how Microsoft is positioning these two, they also point towards Power Automate Flows. When I look from an enterprise perspective I would position Logic Apps for managed solution over power automate flows for the following reasons:

Logic apps and Power Automate flows have very similar features to build flows. If I take a look at all the logic apps and power automate flows we have today in production, we don't have to worry about logic apps. Power Automate flows have triggered a lot of discussions regarding licensing, changes in terms of pricing etc.

1. Logic Apps

  - It's not included in any license (PAYG/App Service plan)

  - No user or app based licenses

  - VPN option

  - Enterprise connectors (SAP,...)

  - Central overview

  - Less changes in terms of licenses

2. Power Automate Flows

  - Easy to connect with Power Apps

  - Build in approvals

  - Standaard connectors included in most licenses

  - RPA

  - Has limitation - deactivate automatically after 60 days,...


How do you position these two in your company & would you position power automate over logic apps by default for managed solution and why?

I do believe that Power Automate Flows are great for business or power users who want to build something that just works and make some things easier in life.

Another article which highlight some aspects: Power Automate vs Azure Logic Apps - Power of Power Platform When I take a look at SaaS vs PaaS I think it's faire the say that Power Platform has more capabilities when it comes to mobile apps, power apps etc. It's a complete package for a citizen dev or business user. For a support organization who has to maintain and monitor application, Logic Apps seems to be the better solution?

Looking forward to your comments, feedback, reactions.

Wishing you a wonderful 2021! :sparkles:



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