Outlook Web: Email Toolbars missing from bottom of New Email

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When one of my employees' open New Mail to compose a new email or Reply to an email, the toolbar and Send Options are no longer visible at the bottom as shown below.  Sounds like other users are having this issue as well.  On Edge Web Browser on a Windows 10 PC, has been working for years.  Have cleared browser cache and restarted browser, no difference.


Any advice appreciated.  Thank you.


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I am getting the same issue, but only in the Edge browser. It works as expected when accessing via CHROME but not using Edge.

I have  Reinstalled Edge but user gets the same issue. When browser is closed & Reopened the action bar reappears but disappears after opening a couple of emails. 

Same issue here. I'm using Edge on Windows10. I noticed that Edge on my Mac updated last night, so I assume the Windows version did too, and that's possibly broken the menu?