Microsoft Authenticator not auto-backing up 2FA accounts I add on Adroid.

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How often does the Android Microsoft Authenticator App refresh the backups? 


I added accounts about 3 hours ago but the backup date is much older. Does the app auto-backup? I have to turn back-up OFF and ON again to force it to back up the new accounts. I just want to know in general how often does it do it on its own in case I ever forget.


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I have the app on my Android phone, the backup does happen automatically.
I'm not sure what the exact schedule is, give it more time, like a day or two.

Ok that is good to know, I will keep waiting to test out how often it auto back ups! UPDATE: still not backing up after 3 days. I even added an account to see if it would trigger a backup.

I remember once I wanted to force it to backup just to try it out so i deleted the backup with the option in there and then i had the ability to backup from scratch, i guess that's an alternative to signing out/in :)
Hello that is what I have been doing, I delete back up and re-backup. It has been now 3 days for me since I added a 2FA account and still no automatic back up.

Could you try adding a fake account today and then noting if you ever get an automatic back up? you can just put random numbers as the seed
Same problem.
Microsoft Authenticator does not auto-backup new 2FA accounts.
Android app, newest version.
How to force to auto-backup?


When you go to Microsoft Authenticator settings and you see the Cloud Backup toggle is turned on, that means cloud backup is working, but it has its own schedule to back up the TOTPs (Time based one-time passwords) so you can either wait until the next schedule of automatic backup is triggered or you can toggle the button to turn off cloud backup and then after few seconds turn it back on, that forces it to back up everything again. You shouldn't normally need to do it though.


Thank you for your answer.


The question is simple: how can we check and edit this mysterious "own schedule"? :smile:


The problem we've noticed is the lack of precise information about when the next sync will take place - we're under the impression that the sync has no schedule and the only way to send the updated data to the cloud is to manually disable and enable sync (something you've indicated we shouldn't normally do is the only way to update the data).

No problem :)

Well that's not true and sync automatically does its job, I'm surprised it's even something you're concerned about, just leave it be and it does its job. I use it on multiple devices and people around me do the same, never had a problem.

You definitely Don't need to enable/disable cloud backup manually.


What I said about enabling/disabling cloud backup manually was merely a response to the OP's question. It's just something I came up with, that's all. It's not something Microsoft recommends doing and neither is it even needed.


Just like anything that relies on the Internet, it needs an Internet connection and things like VPN or battery optimization features of phones can affect it. Like a lot of other apps, Microsoft Authenticator warns the user about turning off battery optimization, so make sure it's off for it.




I have added another 2FA account as a test. The cloud backup has NOT been updated.


I will wait a few days and let you know if the copy is updated....


The (simple, I think) question remains: how can we know and edit the update schedule?

You can't update the built-in schedule as far as I know but you can submit a feedback through the app about it. You can see when the last back up was performed by tapping on the "Details" in the backup section of settings. For instance, I just checked mine and it shows It was updated 2 hours ago, even though I haven't added any new TOTPs recently. Just make sure battery optimization is off for authenticator and Internet connectivity is stable, and all will be good.


The last backup was updated 3 days ago (2023-03-03), although I added another 2FA account yesterday as a test.

Battery optimisation is disabled for Microsoft Authenticator.
Internet connection is stable.

I have submitted feedback.


I have exactly the same issue as OP - @PedroatWork 


Saying "it works for me" does not help solve our problem. It's not working for us...

I have the exact same issue. Have added quite a lot of OTP codes to the app in the weekend (several days ago), but no automatic update is triggered.


I disabled and enabled backup, to force a backup. After this, I added a new account to test, but after a day the backup has still not picked it up. 


I'm using Android. My wife is using the iOS app, and her phone has triggered a backup shortly after adding new accounts. So could be an issue isolated to the Android app? 


Battery optimization is off, and internet is stable, so that is not the issue.