Outlook 365 - Group sending email "send as" doesnot working

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Hi, could you please someone help me with the issu that my outlook (and also outlook my colleaguse) doesn want to send email from O365 group as the sender is the group email. It is simple undeliverable.

One group works fine, but the others dont. Setting seems to be same. Thanks in advance

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Hi @Ales_Kristof ,


Have you checked Delegates settings in Exchange admin center? Go to https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com/ 




@Adin_Calkic Definitely yes. Thanks a lot. But I just found the solution of my problem....It was cache I guess....the field "FROM" on the email must be firstly taken from global address list and then it is working. See below....




To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

  1. In the new email message in Outlook, click From, and then click Other Email Address.

  2. In the Send From Other E-mail Address window, click From, change the address book to the global address list (GAL), and then select the user to whose mailbox you were granted Send As permissions. For example, select User B.

Hi @Ales_Kristof ,


Glad it's working now. Wish you all the best.