Oulook accused of DOS attack

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I'm using Outlook in "cached exchange mode". For some reason, Outlook does not cache the images, only the text part. Even for addresses/domains that are on my safe sender list. As soon as I go offline, all newsletters, e-mail signatures with logo's etc. loose their images.


Is there a way to make Outlook cache images? If not: why? It is causing a huge problem for me, see below:


I run a WordPress website that is hosted at a typical shared hosting provider. We also send a newsletter, so I am one of the subscribers. Like most HTML newsletters, this contains online images hosted on the website.

This means that when I'm working with Outlook and frequently have these newsletters open, Outlook accesses the .jpg files over and over again.

Since a few months the hosting provider started blocking my IP regularly for 10 minutes. On some days dozens of times. After some research this appeared to be related to the e-mails with online images. Their anti-DDOS software sees this high-frequency file access as the possible start of a DOS attack and automatically blocks my IP for 10 minutes.

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