Onenote365(win) doesn't work very well compared to UWP in situations with massive handwriting

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1. The new version of OneNote, after updating the UWP-style handwriting mode, has serious lagging issues in massive handwriting occasions. Program not responding (especially in full-page view) even occurs.

This phenomenon occurs when using a stylus, and using a mouse instead can alleviate it. After testing, this problem occurred with multiple brands of stylus (Wacom, Surface Pen, Huion). Developers can try to test on this page:

2. After opening multiple OneNote programs, undoing will cause all windows to move the viewpoint, affecting usage.

3. OneNote seems to have no optimization for multicore, and can only work in single-threaded mode, causing lagging when there is too much content on a page.



"I have tried the following methods:

  • Replacing the stylus device (no use, Wacom, Huion, Surface Pen)
  • Changing the computer (AMD, Intel, iPad) without success
  • Upgrading computer hardware, graphics card (RTX 3060), without success
  • Using a mouse instead of a stylus

There is a noticeable improvement in performance, but there are still lags (when there is too much handwriting content)

  • Changing the version of OneNote software
  • Office 365 cannot open pages directly after updating to the latest UWP handwriting mode
  • Full-page view freezes after writing one or two characters, becomes white, and cannot be operated. I observed that the single-threaded usage rate increases (Hwinfo64)
  • The previous version of Office 365 performed similarly to OneNote 2021
  • UWP performs best, but there are still lags when there is too much handwriting content
  • The experience is still not good
  • OneNote 2021 has average performance and still lags compared to UWP

Other operations:

  • Disabling hardware acceleration in OneNote 2021 makes it lag
  • OneNote 365 (before the handwriting mode update) has no change
  • OneNote 365 (after the handwriting mode update) is too laggy to use
  • Disabling sync has no effect
  • Creating a new notebook, copying content, copying pages, neither have improved the situation
  • Disabling/enabling pressure sensitivity has no effect
  • Disabling automatic handwriting recognition has no effect
  • Disabling text recognition in images has no effect
  • Deleting all add-ins has no effect.

It can be concluded that the following reasons cause handwriting lags:

  1. Too much handwriting content
  2. OneNote does not support multiple cores, only single-threaded CPU performance
  3. OneNote 365 updated the handwriting mode, causing increased lags
  4. Stylus devices are slower than mice, and different brands have the same issue
  5. The same page performs differently in different versions of OneNote (UWP > OneNote 2021 ≈ OneNote 365 without the updated handwriting > OneNote 365 updated UWP handwriting). Therefore, there is an optimization problem with OneNote. This issue only occurs when there is a lot of handwriting.
  6. Switching to the eraser with the stylus causes lags, erasing causes CPU usage to skyrocket (only occurs when there is too much handwriting content)

I shared my notebook (!AoQUfeTvJ0YzhEVMF7d4wOyGjq5M), which contains test1, test2, and test3.

Test1 should be easy to open, and there should be no lag when handwriting.

Test2 and test3 may have handwriting lags, and switching to the eraser with the stylus causes significant lags. Erasing may not work, and CPU usage may skyrocket. However, the eraser mode can still be used for handwriting.

If test2 and test3 cannot be opened, please use test1, copy the pen strokes inside, and paste them for testing.

My computer specifications:

CPU: AMD 3700X GPU: RTX 3060 Memory: 32GB, DDR4 3133 OneNote is on an SSD, so there is no hard drive bottleneck."

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So please optimize the handwriting experience of OneNote for large quantities of writing, at least keeping it the same as the UWP version. Of course, I hope it can be improved further, because as researchers, we really need to record a lot of continuous notes on a single page.